Despite the available treatments for any sorts of pain and disease, saunas have been a go-to alternative for dealing with these health problems. In fact, research has proven that taking a sauna is good for back your pain.

While it may sound like a simple solution, scientific research has proven the benefits of both dry saunas and infrared saunas when dealing with lower back pain. Below we provide a deeper look into how saunas can greatly reduce the pain experienced.

What kind of back pain?

You could have a different range of pain in your back. From personal experience, I have a slight scoliosis ever since I was little and I experience moderate pain whenever my back gets too much stress.

I've tried various methods of relieving the pain - even electroshock massages. But what made a difference for me were saunas.

It really helps with relaxing the tension all over your body and makes you feel great in general.

If you're a firm believer in not taking any pharmaceuticals to address pain, following the sauna therapy method will meet your expectations and surprise you.

Is infrared sauna good for back pain?

Infrared saunas have been associated with a decrease in many types of chronic pain, heart disease mortality rate, anxiety and even the risk of developing Alzheimer's. According to research, infrared sauna can majorly reduce back pain and increase overall health.

Infrared saunas use infrared heaters to emit light on your skin. The light is experienced as heat and is absorbed by the surface of your skin. This type of treatment is also called infrared therapy.

The infrared heat that is generated relaxes your muscles by going deeper under your skin, opening blood vessels and reducing the accumulated stress. In turn, the pain relief for the lower back is significant.

A study (source) which was done by the Rothbart Pain Management Clinic in 2006 targeting people who experience chronic pain showed amazing results. The chronic pain was successfully reduced by 50% in a span of six weeks. The results were shown to be even greater continuing into week seven.

The research used a specific infrared wrap for the lower back to target the region of pain. People in the study were were aged from 26 to 80 years and the average duration of their chronic pain was 6.5 years long.

It's important to mention that there were no negative effects found on the patients' health.

As mentioned before, saunas are one of the options you could use to target this problem. There are devices like the infrared wrap which will target the muscle in the same way.

If you experience chronic back pain issues, your body will be replenished and feel the benefits of the infrared heat over time. Especially since it can be done from home.

Dry Sauna
Dry Sauna

Is dry sauna good for back pain?

Just like the infrared therapy, dry sauna is a great way to target chronic pain. Physicians recommend dry sauna therapy to improve their quality of life and reduce the pain in the lower back.

This type of sauna has been an alternative therapy for extended health benefits without relying on any other medication.

In a research (source) done in 2019, there was a reported 70% successful treatment cases. The people in this study have said that the dry sauna therapy improved their condition.

Once again, no negative effects were found related to dry sauna therapy.

Dry saunas heat the air around you, which is different from infrared saunas where the heat is generated on your skin from the infrared lamps.

If your health allows you, taking the sauna often or even daily could change your daily life.

Sauna Lamp
Sauna Lamp

Sauna is good for many things, including back pain. But that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential health benefits you could gain.

If you're experiencing any sort of similar issues, a sauna can be a great complimentary addon to what you're already doing to relieve the pain. There is no reason not to be doing it, or at least trying it once in a while.

Saunas may be a key component in helping you stop the pain and get back on your feet. The best way is to experience it for yourself.